Pro bono

Pro bono

The most important word in our company is ‘people’. People and relationships are the most important to us. For us, this is the greatest impetus and motivation. We’re inspired by people and their stories. That’s why we want to help those who need it.


We get involved in pro bono activities for many reasons. The most important of these is the desire to share our knowledge with others. We want to show the importance of interpersonal communication, problem solving ability, and further motivation. We also extend a helping hand to those who are especially in need of financial or networking support in the context of education and at the beginning of professional development.

How do we help?

We don’t want our support to be a single impulse. Helping others makes the most sense when it is sensibly planned, which means that it has a chance of bringing real social benefit. That’s why in 2010, the non-profit foundation ‘Fundacja ‘Platforma Równych Szans” (Platform for Equal Opportunities) was founded. Its founders are entrepreneurs from different regions of Poland who have been operating for over ten years in Warsaw.


Our assistance is there to enable an equal start in adult life for entities that need it throughout Poland. This is why we use financial and content-based resources in an integrated way. We grant financial scholarships, as well as organise gatherings, and educational and recreational events for needy members in institutions such as orphanages and care centres. We also support individual entities.