PR company cooperating with business and marketing environment

We invite you to take a look at the information about companies we collaborate with on a daily basis


We are the official partner of Stor9_, company specialising in marketing communication of public figures. Stor9_ is the first entity on the Polish market to represent the ambassador in marketing campaigns of brands. Consulting’n more is responsible for media relations activities realised by the entity.

SAIA Alliance

We operate within SAIA Alliance, involved in the commercialisation of ideas and projects. The structures of the organisation unite companies and experts in such fields as: business strategies, marketing, sales, design and marketing communication. Thanks to the combination of competencies from different fields, SAIA Alliance is able to run a comprehensive commercialisation process – from analysis through the creation of strategy to its implementation. As one of member companies, Consulting’n more is responsible for the communication of projects realised by the organisation.


International Organisation of Independent Public Relations Companies IPREX was established in 1983 in the United States by PR companies searching for the possibility to provide services for their clients outside the local market. Today, IPREX is one of the biggest international organisations of this kind with over 120 offices and 1800 employees all over the world. Its annual income amounts to 250 million dollars. Consulting’n more is the only IPREX member in East-Central Europe, so we have the opportunity to conduct PR activities not only on the Polish market, but also globally.

Lewiatan Confederation

Since January 2018 Consulting'n more is a member of Polish Union of Consulting Companies which is associeted in Lewiatan Confederation. Lewiatan is known as one of the most influential Polish business organisation that represents entrepreuners and companies in both: Poland and Europe.

Podkarpacki Klub Biznesu

Since April 2017 our agency is a member of regional business organizastion in Poland named Podkarpacki Klub Biznesu. PKB associeted the largets companies from Podkarpacie region. Other members of the organisation are for example: Asseco Poland, Kazar Footwear, Lux Med, Zelmer Work Service, Vita Sp z o.o., Toi Toi Polska oraz Hotel Arłamów