The agency specialises in communication activities for brands and companies. During nearly 10 years of our activity on the market we have realised public relations activities both for B2B companies as well as consumer brands. Thanks to the effective cooperation with the business environment, the agency supports its client not only in communication perceived as the preparation of content, but also in establishing business relationships.

We are the only PR agency in Poland to operate within the structures of IPREX – International Organisation of Independent Public Relations Companies, thanks to which we have the opportunity to conduct PR activities not only on the Polish market, but also globally. Within the framework of our IPREX cooperation, the employees of our agency can also benefit from the knowledge and experience of PR experts from all over the world, which makes it possible for us to ensure highest quality of our projects.

About us


Consulting’n more was established in 2008 in Warsaw. Thanks to our organic development following the trends and market requirements as well as building a team consisting of professionals and enthusiasts we can call ourselves a mature, self-conscious and close collective.


As a company we share the opinion that the term „public relations” can be defined in many ways. For some people it will mean the creation of interesting content, for others ensuring publication in the media and image and business consulting constitutes the third possible definition of PR activities. In our everyday work we aim at responding to the needs of our clients and support the development of their business, irrespective of which of the three definitions they would rather adopt.

Our working style


We have a very personalised attitude towards each of our projects. What we value most in our contact with the client is partnership and understanding, matching PR tools which are the most efficient from the business perspective with budget goals and possibilities. In fulfilling our everyday tasks we appreciate good relationships, comfortable work and mutual education and trust.


Our basic competencies are united by the one stop shop idea connected with content in a broad sense. We specialise in providing services relating to integrated communication joining the world of PR, content marketing and online activity. We work in traditional media, but as well specialise in the world of digital content.


During nearly 10 years of our activity we have completed hundreds of diversified projects for clients representing such industries as: pharmacy, telecommunications, furniture making, finance, IT, professional services, commerce, manufacturing and many others.


Since 2017 we are the only Polish member of the International Organisation of Independent Public Relations Companies IPREX. The organisation unites independent PR agencies from all over the world – currently over 1800 people and 120 agencies from Europe, Asia, North and South America are active within its structures.

Our partners