The Consulting & More agency was founded in 2008 in Warsaw. Through organic growth, following trends and market requirements, as well as building a team of professionals and enthusiasts, we can say that we are a mature, knowledgeable and harmonious group.


We approach each project very individually. In our relationships with our clients, we focus on partner relations and understanding, and adapt the most-effective business communication tools to their objectives and budgetary limitations. In our daily work, above all, we value good relationships, comfort of work, as well as mutual education and trust.


The word that best defines our company is ‘people’. We understand and listen to people. We build interpersonal relationships. We rely on the synergy of people’s experience. The essence of our work is to create and nurture a relationship with our client’s environment. We build relationships with the media, local community, business partners, and employees.


In our everyday work, we attach great importance to building relationships with our clients. Mutual contacts are also crucial within our team. We strive to build genuine partnership among its members.


Our competences are brought together by the idea of ​​a one stop shop with a wide range of content. We specialise in providing services in the field of integrated communications uniting the PR, content marketing and widely understood online worlds. We work with traditional media, but we also specialise in the world of digital content.


For nearly 10 years of our business, we have completed hundreds of different projects for clients from such industries as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, furniture, finance, IT, professional services, retail, manufacturing and many others.

Are you looking for a partner that you can trust in this area?

Welcome to Consulting & More.

Our competences
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